The following paper discusses a concept for virtual reality tools for use in design reviews of mechanical products.  In this discussion, the special requirements of a virtual environment are given consideration.  The focus of this paper is on suggestions for the visualization and arrangement of a product, its structure, its components and their alternatives together in one environment.  The realization of these concepts results in an 3D-interface that allows users, especially engineers, to evaluate different configurations of a product and gives them direct access to the product structure.  By applying various visualization techniques, product components and their attributes, e.g., their price, can be brought together into one visualization.  Thus, in contrast to state-of-the-art software, the product structure, three-dimensional, real-sized components, and attribute values can be combined together in 3D-visualizations.  This research was done in cooperation with Christoph Brandt, member of the Heinz Nixdorf Institute’s virtual reality group.

My IEEE Visualization 1998



'A Concept for Virtual Reality Tools for Design Reviews' 


 Klaus Kremer

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